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Carbon dioxide is a colorless gas with a density about 60% higher than that of dry air. Carbon dioxide consists of a carbon atom covalently double bonded to two oxygen atoms. It occurs naturally in Earth’s atmosphere as a trace gas.



Why be neutral when you know we have a climate problem? Exactly. Let’s be climate positive! What does this mean?

You travel to Uganda and during the return flight approximately 2 tons of CO2 are released. There are a number of calculation methods that are used, but the consensus is that one tree in its lifetime offsets one ton of CO2. That means that you have to plant two trees to compensate for your trip. Compensating climate positive means that you can plant an extra tree for people who do not feel like thinking about the climate at all.

Joeboentoe & Symbiosis


A simple explanation of symbiosis is living together. It sounds so logical but unfortunately we as a society do not perform very well in this area. In the case of this project the focus is on nature and it is clear that things are not going so well here. Deforestation, monoculture and the use of pesticides and herbicides have (among other things) caused nature to be quite out of balance.

But … we’re not saying this to scare you. Why not? Because you should not act because you are afraid but because you love nature! Because you would like to see nature recover so that you, your children, grandchildren and the generations to come can enjoy it.

A Fruit Forrest!

Almost all CO2 compensation projects plant the same trees in uniform rows. Yes, they meet the requirement because the tree absorbs CO2, but it is rather short sighted. First of all you want biodiversity so that all kinds of insects and animals come to live in your forest. Secondly, there are also fruit trees and they have an additional advantage .. We’ll help you; it is fruit!

Joeboentoe plants local trees & fruit trees in a way that it has a positive effect in several areas. We do this according to the permaculture principle.

We use part of the harvest to cover some costs, the rest we distribute among the local population so they also benefit from the project. This way we (thanks to you!) create symbiosis in multiple ways.

The Magic 200

On one hectare (100 by 100 meters) you can plant 200 trees. This means that 200 tons of CO2 are extracted from the environment in the lifetime of the trees. An interesting perspective is that you need only 12 Americans to create 200 tons of CO2 while you need no less than 2,000 Ugandans!

You probably wonder which nationality on average emits the most CO2 into the atmosphere. They are the inhabitants of Palau, an archipelago in Oceania. You only need 3 and a little Palau-anier to get to the 200 tons(!).

But why is the 200 magical? When 12 American, 21 Dutch or 3 people from Palau have decided to offset their annual CO2 emissions with us, we can plant 200 trees. And then we wait until we can plant the next 200 trees and so on!

The costs

It costs us $ 17 to plant and care for one tree. So if you as a American want to compensate ALL YOUR CO2 for a whole year, it will cost you $ 272

That’s not so bad, is it? Not even $ 300 and you can look Greta in the eye without feeling ashamed. And even better; you also ensure that more forests are created in Uganda. And this is very important because in the past 20 years no less than 66% has disappeared!

So offsetting your CO2 emission ensures more forests in Uganda, more biodiversity and also healthy food for the local population!

A happy Greta

Wouldn’t you love to see Greta smile? We do.. We give you this magical opportunity! Greta happy, Uganda happy & you happy!


Want to help?

Do you feel like planting a forest? Come and volunteer with us and plant the trees to offset your own CO2 emission.

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