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A visa is an official authorization to enter and reside in a country. A visa is issued by the country where the traveler is going. In this way, that country can control who enters the country. The word “visa” comes from the Latin charta visa, “a document that has been viewed”.



Prepare before you start the application process. You are solely responsible for applying for and paying for your visa (max. 90 days), airline tickets and insurance for your stay in Uganda. Please note that you should only book your flight ticket and apply for the visa after you have received final confirmation from us about your stay.

The only way to pay the visa a $ 50 is with a credit card. Make sure you have the flight details at hand during the application. During the application they will ask you to upload the following documents, so make sure you have scanned them in advance (as PDF, JPEG, PNG or BMP with a maximum size of 250 KB):

  • a scan of your passport (the page with your photo)
  • a passport photo
  • yellow fever vaccination certificate

You can find the latest info on the website of the Ugandan government.

Online Application

To start the visa application, go to dthe website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

After applying for the visa it takes about 5 days before you receive a digital version of the visa in your mailbox. That is provided you have uploaded all the necessary data and nothing goes wrong on the Ugandan side.

Make sure you have all documents ready in a folder on your computer. Start the application by clicking on the link, accept the conditions and choose;

  • Visa or permit type: Visa
  • Category: Uganda Ordinary/Tourist Visa
  • Subcategory: Single Entry

Het Adres

In all likelihood, you will spend the first night in Entebbe. You may enter the following address;

Green Valley Guesthouse
John Babiha Road 15

If this is not the case, we will provide you with the address you can enter when applying for your visa.

A longer stay?

Do you want to stay longer than 90 days? It is possible; in principle you can twice extend your visa by 90 days for free. So in total you can stay in Uganda for 270 days. We say in principal; officially it should be possible to renew twice but our experience teaches us that the rules are often interpreted differently by the person who has to stamp. Often a banknote of 50,000 UGX (€ 12.50) has to be placed in the passport. For the cost of the ink, you could say..

Tourist Visa?


You are a tourist! You come to Uganda to admire the beautiful country, meet your host family and enjoy nature. They also do not need to know that you are going to help out. The reason is as follows; they see you as a tourist because you don’t come to fill a vacancy. By this they mean a paid position as Ugandan volunteers are paid for their volunteer work. Right, very logical. What they want to prevent with this is Western people who take up Ugandan jobs.

To avoid many difficult conversations at customs; don’t use the words ‘volunteer’ and ‘social project’. On the other hand, talk about national parks, the friendly culture and the beautiful nature!


The system does not always work flawlessly. If something goes wrong and you don’t send you the digital visa, bring a $ 50 bill printed after 2006. With this you can still purchase your visa at the airport. And if you don’t need it; you can easily exchange the banknote in Uganda for Ugandan Shilling.


This information is current as of June 2020. No rights can be derived from this information. You are responsible for obtaining the most current visa information.

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