A volunteer, also known as volontair, is someone who works voluntarily, outside of permanent employment. In general, these activities are unpaid, or receive compensation that is lower than the minimum wage for paid work.


But seriously..

How much?

Well done! The first advice for someone going to Uganda; always make clear agreements. Nothing and everything has a price here (wink wink corruption). So to set a good example, we are very clear about your costs. We have summarized the most important ones for you.

Everything in orange is paid by you, everything in green by Joeboentoe.

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Accommodation & food *You will stay with a local host family who will take care of you during your stay. Local food and a nice bed (with mosquito net) in a clean private room are included! Please note .. It is possible to (temporarily) stay in a Bed & Breakfast. Consult with us about the additional costs.

$ 27 a week

Airline ticket *Did you know that you can offset your CO2 with us? Because you are flying to help us here or just because you want to give the world a little more oxygen; it’s all good!

We have no idea

Visa *This process is so laborious that we have created a special page (click) for it!

$ 50 for 90 days

Airport pickup & transport to project *The journey to your destination can go through some difficult terrain. To ensure that we get you safely on location, we provide a good car and driver who are waiting for you when you arrive in Uganda. Whatever the time of arrival.

$ 57 a day + fuel *$ 0.24 per km.

Overnight in Entebbe *If you arrive in the middle of the night, it is wise to stay overnight at Entebbe. We know nice, clean and relatively cheap guesthouses where you can relax.

Approx $ 25 per person per night

Overnight in Kampala *Kampala, the capital of Uganda is about an hour’s drive from Entebbe and definitely worth a night’s (or more) stay.

Approx $ 30 per person per night

A safari *Yes, you can help Uganda by going on a safari! At least, when you offset your CO2 and let Joeboentoe arrange it for you. Since tourism is a very important source of income for the country, many jobs rely on it. If we arrange the safari for you, you can be sure that the positive impact for the local population is the most!

From $ 230,- per person *The costs are $ 85 per day (4*4 car & professional driver) + the fuel ($ 0.24 per km). Depending on the number of participants (max 6), you can already go on a three-day safari for $ 230. This is including transport, fuel, park entrance and accommodation!



Our annual costs are around $ 3600 per year. These costs are borne by a few highly valued donors and the chairman’s bank account. Curious about our costs? Read all about our income and expenditure here.

Do you want to help us continue our work? Then please, help us with a small donation!





What can YOU do?

Our concept is simple; there are a huge number of people in Uganda who can use help and we offer you the opportunity to help. Do you want to see what you can do for your fellow men together with Joeboentoe? Send us an email with some background information and the reason why you think you can contribute. There are only a limited number of places so we are very interested in your motivation & skills. Oh yes, we have also placed a FAQ page on this new website with all kinds of fun and interesting facts about us and Uganda!

Joeboentoe is also specifically looking for certain skills. Scroll down a bit to see what we are looking for.

We are looking for you!

Our marketing

Every month we receive a budget from Google to advertise but.. nobody at Joeboentoe knows anything about it. And so we do not make optimal use of this friendly Google donation. We are looking for a SEA (and SEO) specialist who can help us to market Joeboentoe in the best way.

Are you the one who knows how to market non-profit in a profit way? Then we would like to meet you!

Are you a handyman?

As soon as the lockdown in Uganda is lifted (hopefully September 2020), we will start with our Aquaponics Agro Project. In short it is a social project where we use aquaponics to cater to a niche market in Uganda. We will also focus on (organic) agriculture, composting, permaculture and finally: interchanging knowledge with the local population.

Green fingers with callus? Send us an email! Many hands make light work!


Joeboentoe is a very small foundation with very limited resources. We know that there are a lot of funding possibilities everywhere for foundations like us, but you need to know your way around in that scene. Are you or do you know the perfect fundraiser?

Please contact us!


Is it you we’re looking for? We can also use some help with our jokes..

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