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In 2020 we have established a Ugandan non-profit foundation with which we manage social projects. The foundation aims to give as many Ugandans as possible a fair job with good wages. We have introduced some smart ideas to ensure that employees are and remain motivated.

How do we do this? Every employee receives a good standard wage and an annual salary increase (this is almost never the case in Uganda). Secondly, each year they have a say in how 50% of the profit will be used. They can make a proposal together with other employees and this will be presented during a special meeting. Spending the money must meet a number of requirements. For example, it must be good for the environment and positively affect the community. The board of directors reviews the proposals before they are presented. We implement the idea that gets the most votes and the other 50% is used to start new social projects.

What can you do?

The costs

In order to start this project in a good way, we would like to hire a local accountant. Apart from his wage the costs of this project are very low. Our chairman has a laptop that can be used and an office is not necessary at first; the meetings can simply take place under a large tree.

The annual salary of an employee is $ 800

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