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The term social refers to the interaction of people with other people, among others, and the term project is an activity, limited in time and means, to create something. Says Wikipedia. However, our projects are not limited in time, says Joeboentoe.

What is a

Social Project?

According to us a social project should only be started if there is a very high chance that the project will be able to operate independently after 1 year. This is the starting position for all projects we start; non-profit but focused on making a profit. It seems a strange contradiction, but this approach is necessary to be successful.

Below are our social projects and we would like to ask you for help. We are looking for people who can help us with the following projects. This can be financial, social (by sharing on social media) or by coming to Uganda and helping us on location. You decide!

Aquaponics Agro


This project (started in 2020) can always use help in the field of aquaponics, permaculture and organic agriculture & animal husbandry. The aim of this social project is on the one hand to give as many people as possible a stable income, on the other hand, together with YOU and the local population, we want to ensure that agriculture and livestock farming becomes less harmful to the environment (with an increased yield).

Interested in this project?

Plastic Upcycling


Recycling is a nice concept but not a very popular one in Uganda. This has to do with the extremely low price of plastic and people are simply not informed about the impact of it on the environment. From the plastic bottles we make wire, planters, lampshades and much more. In this way, something worthless gets a new destination, isn’t it beautiful?

More info and ways you can help us?

Joeboentoe Jobs


With this project we ensure that more people have a stable income. To achieve this we have set up a local NGO that cleverly helps people find work. This project is part cooperative, part financing and part just simply very smart!

Read more about it here..

What about you?

What do you think? Do you have advice, want to work with us, have an idea for a project? Contact us, we are very interested in what you think.

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