Together we can make the world a bit more beautiful! Want to help? Come and volunteer, our local staff will assist you for free. Uganda needs your help now more than ever!


Yeah right..

No, there is no catch. We will guide you for free. We are doing this because we see that the Covid-19 Crisis in Uganda is causing enormous problems. There is hardly any social safety net here and lack of money for food or medicines is a major cause of death at the moment.

There are some costs; you pay 25 dollars per week to your local host family. This is a good way to help; it is income that your host family can use very well and it is a unique experience for you. Find out exactly what costs you incur and click here to see how you can support us!

What can YOU do?


A Volunteer

We work in Masaka and a small village near Masaka. You can come and help at various local projects*For example, projects that work with street children and orphans, addicts, teenage mothers or people with HIV. or at one of our projects, for example our plastic recycling & upcycling project or our agricultural & aquaponics project.

In addition, there are a lot of people who can use some help; painters, carpenters, mechanicians, restaurateurs or teachers. Think of a profession and you can help! We are the link between supply and demand and your primary point of contact in Uganda.



A social project is only useful if you can be sure that the project will survive when you are no longer involved. Our goal is that our projects can operate independently within 12 months.

Our projects are aimed at giving people a good job and they must also have a positive impact on the environment and society. The sharing of knowledge is very important and you could play an important role in it. Have we aroused your interest?

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